Tu Di Gong

Fu De Zhen Shen (aka Tu Di Gong / Lord of the Soil & Ground): According to legend, in the Zhou Dynasty, there was a man called Chang Ming-de. His master served as a bureaucrat far away from home. One day, the master’s daughter wanted to go and look for her father, Chang Ming-de went with her.


Along the journey, they encountered a large snow storm. Chang Ming-de gave his clothes in order to keep his master’s daughter warm and alive. Before he froze to death, a stream of words appeared in the sky, “Nan Tian Men Da Xian Fu De Zhen Shen” (Grand Celestial of the Southern Heavenly Gate).


In order to remember his servant, the master built a small temple to worship him. This was how the deity Tu Di Gong came to be. One day, the Jade Emperor asked Tu Di Gong what power he wished to possess? Tu Di Gong replied: “The power to make everyone down on earth wealthy and furtile soil with crops for harvest.” However, Tu Di Po (wife of Tu Di Gong) did not agree to this power, saying: “No! If everyone on earth were rich, who would be willing to do the hard work? Only those who pray and burn incense should receive these blessings.” Therefore, people nowadays also respect Tu Di Gong as the God of Wealth. As for Tu Di Po, people see her as a deity with a selfish heart. This is why most Tu Di Gong temples don’t include Tu Di Po.