Wenchang Dijun

Wenchang Dijun is physically represented by a constellation of six stars near the Big Dipper. These stars include Shangjiang (上將), Cijiang (次將), Guixiang (貴相), Siming (司命), Sizhong (司中), and Silu (司祿).


Wenchang Dijun is also known as Sintung Dijun from the Yuan Dynasty. In the History of the Ming, he is depicted as a man by the name Zhang Yazi or Zhang Yu, from a county in Sichuan Province called Sintung. A particular account cites him as a war hero, having died an honorable death in a rebellion against Emperor Fu Jian in 374. After his death, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty named him “Counselor-in-chief” on account of his brave acts and wisdom. Emperor Xizong of the Tang Dynasty named him “Chi Shueng Wang” and gave his sword to Zhang Yazi. Subsequent emperors of the Song and Yuan Dynasty also bestowed upon Zhang Yazi many other titles.