Do I need to do an assuagement ceremony (An Taisui) this year? How should I apply?

Lighting a Guangming Lamp helps ensuring that you are blessed with light for eternity. It also represents a light in the darkness, lighting up your future, asking for blessings for the upcoming year, and being vigorous and successful.


Zodiacs that need assuaging this year (Yi-Wei Year):


Year of Goat (direct offense)

Those who want to apply, may either apply directly at the temple or make a reservation via phone or fax.

Application Line: +886-89-310120

Fax: +886-89-331660

I want to light a blessing lamp. What kind of lamps can I choose from? How do I light a lamp?

Taisui Lamp: Blessings for the upcoming year and to expel bad omens

Mazu Lamp: Blessings for the family and for a bright future

Fatsai Lamp(Fortune Lamp): Blessings for a smooth career and wealth

Guangming Lamp: Blessings for the family and for a bright future

Wechang Lamp (Scholar Lamp): Blessings for good grades and scholarly success

Marriage Lamp: Blessings for good love and a good marriage

Family Blessing Lamp: Blessings for the family and for a bright future


Application Line: +886-89-310120

Fax: +886-89-331660

Postal Transfer

Account Name: Taitung Tianhou Temple Foundation(財團法人台東天后宮

Account Number: 06721268

(After transfer, please fax your receipt or bank slip to us and leave your contact info so we can send you an appreciation certificate.)

How to light incense. What is the sequence of worship in the temple?

Starting this year, in accordance to the government’s environmental protection regulations, only one stick of incense should be used.


It is suggested to pray in sequence with one incense stick. After you finish your prayer to each god and deity, insert your incense into the God incense burner in the Main Hall. If your religious faith requires that you use more than one stick of incense, you may do so.


Incense burners other than the God incense burner in the Main Hall are mainly for the administrators of the temple to worship the deities and gods. However, you may light an incense stick for each incense burner within each sector and hall if you wish.




Prayer sequence: Main Hall, Caishen (God of Wealth) Hall, Wenchang Hall, Taisui (Star Gods) Hall, Dragon God Fudezhenshen Hall, and God censer









1  第一天聖母起駕尚武紫雲寺、尚武天后宮會香。聖駕車隊通過草埔隧道至屏東東港東隆宮、再至恆春高山嚴福德宮、車城福安宮會香。福安宮駐駕過夜。

2  第二天早上南迴公路舊線森永福德宮參香。再至達仁南迴公路罹難者慰靈碑祭拜超薦、返駕台東市遶境回宮。

3 啟建3天送化孤魂法會-本宮廣場。